Tammy Perlman

Web Design & Development Professionial

World Figure Skating Championships

2016 World Figure Skating Championships web home page

With a team of four members and eight volunteers, I led the design and development of the web presence, branding, social media, e-commerce, and e-communications for the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships. This included working in partnership with the US figure skating governing body and the ISU World skating federation.


HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Google Analytics

The primary focus of the web site was to promote the international sport of figure skating and market ticket sales to the events. Working with the executive director, and under the guidance of the US and World figure skating governing bodies, the WordPress based web site was designed and built with a focus on a simple user interface, SEO best practices, and marketing promotion using flashy and eye-catching graphics. The biggest stumbling block while developing the site was how to communicate the content to a non-english speaking audience. The limited budget did not accomodate translators so the final solution was to go with the native browser translation which proved to be successful. With a lifespan of just 18 months, site traffic grew steadily with a final month of over one million unique visitors. Ticket sales to the event was record setting.

Social Media

Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

Like the web site, the social media channels were built to increase interest in the event and promote ticket sales. Daily posts consisted of event information, figure skating news, fan zone updates, and ticket sales promotions. Unique contests were created to promote the event and increase fan interaction. The Social Media team's focus was to share event information, quality content, photos, "backstage" views, and to increase fan/follower interaction as the event drew nearer. Followers peaked at 20,000+.

Marketing & Communications

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Constant Contact

With much of the larger ads (billboards, buses, video, etc.) handled by a marketing firm, we created marketing and ad materials for local media, email and social media campaigns, print publications, and event programs.


2016 World Figure Skating Championships web home page

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