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Web Design & Development Professionial

TriYoga Boston

TriYoga Boston web home page

This project is a recent redesign. The client has serious web smarts so we're working together to install a new WordPress theme and customize the existing design and layout to meet the business' needs. In addition, we are updating the site content for SEO, accessibility, and user experience.

Looking for an awesome yoga studio? Head to TriYoga Boston and enjoy!



HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Google Analytics

This site was originally redesigned in 2017 using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme. From the beginning, the site load time was extremely slow, being bogged down by poor attention to the code and not offering timely and workable updates. It was a form over function situation. After committing a lot of time to duct-taping the site together, the client and I agreed to ditch the theme and replace it with an equal focus on functionality and asthetics.

TriYoga Boston web home page

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