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The Skating Club of Boston

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The Skating Club of Boston is a founding member of US Figure Skating and one of the oldest figure skating clubs in the US. With many national, world, and olympic champions, the skating club is one of the most elite training facilities for competitive figure skaters in the US. The club also operates a learn-to-skate school, manages Boston Common Frog Pond, and has hosted both US and world figure skating championships.

2016 World Figure Skating Championships web home page

The Skating Club of Boston

The original web site was published in the early 2009 and was showing its age. Working with the club's leadership team, we started with Google Analytics to see which pages users were visiting most and the path they were taking to arrive at their destination. That information along with the content priorities set by the leadership team led us to the site skeleton and first draft of the top navigation. The hard work was to wrangle the usable existing content and enhancing it with fresh new content. Overall branding remained the same. The new WordPress site took advantage of the usable existing content and enhanced it with fresh content, modern layout, and stunning graphics.

Skating Academy web home page

Skating Academy

Skating Academy is the largest learn-to-skate program in the US. Like the skating club, SA's web site was in need of a facelift. Working with the school's director and operations manager, we determined the basic framework was in good shape and needed only a few improvements. Using web analytics we were ableto enhance the user interface and streamlined the path to class information and registration.

Social Media

Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

The social media approach was different for the skating club and the learn-to-skate school. For the skating club, the goal was to promote the sport of figure skating, the club's history and commitment to the sport its membership. While Skating Academy is a business unit of the skating club, the audience is different which meant the approach to content and marketing had to be different, too. On a very basic level, we used upbeat content and graphics focusing on students, positivity, and fun.

Marketing & Communications

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Constant Contact

Adobe Creative Suite products were used to create graphics for use on web, social media, and print products and advertisements. Constant Contact was used for all email communications.


The Skating Club of Boston redesigned home page

skating club of boston web home page


Skating Academy redesigned home page

skating academy web home page

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