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Web Design & Development Professionial

Project - Boston Common Frog Pond

boston common frog pond web home page

Boston Common is the first public park in the US, established in 1634. It was originally used as a common grazing field for local farmers and was also a meeting place for local militias during the revolutionary war. It's now a respite in the middle of the city with walking paths, green fields, memorials, and shaded sitting areas.

Partnering with the City of Boston, the skating club managed Frog Pond year-round with winter ice skating and public programming including Barks & Bagels, Summer Yoga, and family movies under the stars.


HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Google Analytics

The website had been hacked and was beyond a simple repair. It was the perfect opportunity to ditch the old (outdated) website and create everything from the ground up: web design, user experience, SEO, branding, social media channels, and marketing advertisements. Working with the General Manager, we reorganized the navigation and page layout to accommodate the needs of city residents and international tourists.

Social Media

Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

The social media channels were built to promote Frog Pond activities and the city of Boston. Ultimately, the goal was to drive users to the Frog Pond website. Social media campaigns included College Nights, Red Pants Monday (free skating for anyone wearing red pants), social media takeovers with local influencers, DJ Jams, and discounts for the military and local nonprofit organizations.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook and Instragram ad campaigns promoted the winter ice skating season and resulted in record attendance each year. The ads featured original artwork.


Boston Common Frog Pond redesigned home page

boston common frog pond web home page

Changing with the seasons

Frog Pond is a four season destination for local residents and tourists. It sits in the heart of downtown Boston and is a focal point of the city. Activities and programs reflected each season so it made sense (and was a lot of fun!) to reflect those changes in the design of the websites. Artwork included animated snowflakes during the winter, buzzing bees in the spring and summer, and floating jack-o-lanterns in the fall.

boston common frog pond web home page spring


The major focus of the winter themed web site was to promote the ice skating season. The logo was updated with winter hats and scarves, and snowflakes flew over the main image.

boston common frog pond web home page


Spring brings a lull in activity after the hectic winter season. Summer ushers in warm weather activity and programming. The site was updated with warm weather themed graphics and gorgeous imagery and photographs.

boston common frog pond web home page


Have you been to Boston Common during the fall? It's amazing and so are the activities at Frog Pond! The annual Pumpkin Float dominates the season so the theme of the web site featured is with jack-o-lanterns in the logo, spider webs as backgrounds, and floating pumpkins on the pond. It is spooktacular!

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